The Seattle Hot Water Company has been around a long time.

You wouldn't know it though as Yelp has tagged our listing on their site as CLOSED with a single negative review showing. It obviously isn't true.

Nobody can post positive reviews because of the closed tag. I can't remove my listing because Yelp claims that it is public property and they don't have to remove it.

A couple of customers have called asking if we were still in business as they saw the tagged listing there and thought that they would call to find out. I'm very glad they did.

There was no obvious way to edit or make the correction myself other than to "Claim" the listing which was ridiculous as I had claimed it years before. They knew who we were, where we were and they knew all of our contact information.

I believe some disgruntled Yelp ad salesman that couldn't take no for an answer simply tagged the listing as closed after leaving a single negative review up on the listing thereby preventing any other reviews from being posted.

Net effect: closed negative reviewed business. Another nasty example of Yelps attitude towards the businesses it strong arms into buying advertising.

It wasn't very nice. They have ignored my request to make the correction so far.