We are proud to say that we only have experienced skilled plumbers on our team. You can trust us for anything that has to do with piping and boiler work. For the past several decades, Seattle Hot Plumbing has been in the business of installing heating systems, boilers, and radiant, specialty, and solar water heaters.

It is important to take note that Washington does not have licensure for radiant heating system technicians. Most of the installation companies on the market are essentially marketing and sales companies. This means that they are neither licensed mechanical nor electrical craftsmen nor plumbers.

Radiant Heating

Every single person in the world deserves to feel safe and comfortable. When it comes to battling the cold, there is nothing quite like radiant floor heating. Wouldn’t you like to be full of warmth that simply radiates from the flooring?

What makes radiant floor heating so amazing is that it does not heat the air but your body and the items in your household. The warmth will remain on the floor, which is easily the best place for it to be. It will not go wasted on the ceiling or outdoors, even when you open a window or door.

The process essentially turns the floors into wide radiators for the utmost comfort of those inside the room. The system circulates warm water through tubing that is durable and flexible at the same time. You can install this underneath any material, be it tile, wood, and carpet. This product requires low water temperatures, which translates to low thermostat configuration and low heating bills. On top of that, zoning allows for room-by-room temperature control so that you can control where the heat will be channeled.

Trust us when we say that you are going to find a system no matter your budget and layout. Even better – installation is guaranteed to be quick and easy!

Benefits of Radiant Floor Heating

There are numerous perks when you install radiant floor heating in your home. This list should give you an idea of just how advantageous this system can be:

Extreme Comfort

Even in winter, radiant floor heating will keep you warm and toasty. No one wants to freeze! Your comfort should be your top priority, especially when the colder days roll in.


Bathrooms and kitchens can be tricky, but your marble and wood floors can stay warm no matter what time of the year it is when you have this type of heater in your home.


You will be in direct contact with the source of heat, so expect to be comfortable even when the thermostat setting is low. You will also reap the benefit of energy savings from 20 to 40 percent.


Radiant floor heating offers temperature control on a room-to-room basis. This will give you better control of the heat and let you place it where it is most needed.


The system will be locked into the floor, so you are free to decorate your home with furnishings without thinking about an ugly device. You will have nothing to worry about when it comes to location! 


Without any noisy fan to blow away allergens and dust, your home will look and feel much neater. The warmth of the floors also means that they will dry quickly after a mopping session.


When you have radiant floor heating installed, the value of your house will shoot up. This is especially true if you install the system in the basement and other damp areas. They can then be turned into a cozy area that will allow you to take advantage of the total area of the home.

Technical Information

The transfer of radiant energy occurs when a warm surface gives up its heat and travels to a cooler area. Should there be a temperature difference, the surfaces are naturally going to try to equalize. Radiant energy can travel through space even without heating the space. It becomes heat only once when it makes contact with something cooler. 

The traditional systems only heat the air instead of the objects. This results in a loss of warmth through the ceiling and walls. With radiant floor heating, you can ensure that the heat in the room will not go wasted. Hot air heating systems don’t distribute heat to where humans need it best. These typical methods leave structures with high levels of heat loss and drafts.

As humans, our comfort depends on both radiant heat transfer and air temperature. Despite this, most heating and air conditioning experts only consider the latter. Once you are in full control of radiant heat transfer and air temperature at the same time, you should experience a level of comfort that you never thought was even possible.