Our Underground Construction Projects

If you require underground construction services, look no further than Seattle Hot Plumbing! Underground construction is a complex matter that requires the right expertise, skills, and training. Take a look at the three services that we offer in this category:

Leak detection

You should acquire leak detection services since they can help you catch onto subtle signs of future plumbing issues. 

We will not only help you detect the leaks while carrying out regular maintenance, but we will also set up leak detection systems. Our installation will have an automatic shutdown feature that will prevent any additional damage. This way, you will discover anomalies right when they crop up. 


It is important to have proper underground drainage that will whisk away water from the home and release it without resulting in damage. Improper drainage systems are essentially ticking time bombs. Underground systems are better than above-ground ones since the water will be taken far away enough to prevent damage to the foundation or basement of your house. 

Mainline work

It is common practice to install main sewer lines below the ground in commercial and residential properties alike. Sewer lines that have been constructed well will keep the plumbing system in tip-top shape. 

A reinforced main line will be difficult to repair on your own. After all, it is normally located deep underground, making it complicated to access if you do not have the right training and tools.

Forget about it and let us take care of the issue for you. This way, you no longer have to worry about damaging the main line even further and shelling out even more money to have someone else fix the problem. Our team of professionals will deliver quick and efficient solutions to all of your mainline problems.

Do you need underground plumbing work? Seattle Hot Plumbing has carried out various related services on countless commercial and residential projects through the years. Message or call us at any time to discuss your specific situation in great detail. We are all ears for emergencies, consultations, and general questions about underground plumbing.

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