Are you interested in buying a Weil-McIain Hot Water Boiler? Perhaps you are getting a whole new unit or want to have an old one replaced. If you are scrounging the market for an excellent product, this article is for you. You have come to the right place if you are thinking of investing in a Weil-McIain water boiler regardless of whether you need something for your home or commercial space.

Check out the following hot water boilers from a brand that you can fully trust:

1. Ultra WMC UltraSeries3 HR 274×300

This is a residential water heater that runs on propane and natural gas. The product is made of cast aluminum. When it comes to the firing rate of the boiler, the input MBHs range anywhere from 80 to 399 MBH.

This comes with a residential warranty of 12 years for the replacement of the Heat Exchanger and then 2 years for other parts. For commercial units, this is 10 years for the heat exchanger and only one year for everything else. This model has 5 to 1 modulation, can be mounted on the wall or the floor, and comes with a boiler pump and water inhibitor.


2. Evergreen 2EVG

This is perfect for anyone who wants a high-efficiency residential set-up or light commercial application. Installation is a simple process thanks to the ten heating presets. ZoneStacking makes it possible to do without reliance on an extra zone panel. It offers heat and comfort in no time at all, while the unit itself is compact and easy to mount on the wall or floor. The heat exchanger is made of durable stainless steel to improve the longevity of the product in question.

Without a doubt, this is a versatile product. Here are the various multiple-boiler sequencing options: smart mode, series mode, and parallel mode. Each one is suitable for different purposes.

Residential units have a coverage of 12 years for the heat exchanger, but 5 years for the rest of the parts. For commercial applications, this is ten years for the heat exchanger and only one year for the other parts.

3. GV90+ GV 90 274×300

If you need something for a residential or commercial application, you might also look into this product. It offers a high-efficiency boiler with an option to get PVC pipe venting if needed. It runs on natural gas and propane. The materials used in its construction are cast iron and stainless steel. It is good to know that the product already comes with the following inclusions: boiler, water inhibitor, and recirculation pumps.

Not only is it an excellent product in and of itself, but the product also has an incredibly long warranty. For residential, the length is 20 years for the  C.I. heat exchanger, 5 years for the S.S. heat exchanger, and two years for other parts. On the other hand, this is 10 years for the C.I. Heat Exchanger, 5 years for the S.S. Heat Exchanger, and one year for other parts.